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Among the Imposters by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Luke is an illegal third child so he has a fake identity Lee Grant. He is going to Hendricks School for Boys and he doesn’t feel very welcomed the teachers are yelling at him kids are pushing him. Mr. Tabot gives him a note which he runs outside and reads it and it said BLEND IN. Luke got angry and runs in the forest and the students aren’t allowed outside. So Luke just contuies to go outside and he makes a garden that rimindes him of home. When his garden gets trampled, he realizes that other people are going outside, like Jackal Boy. Jackal boy reveals himself to them, finding out that they are other illegals as well. The leader, Scott Renault (whose real name is Jason Barstow) otherwise known as Jackal Boy. Luke is accepted into the group, but is still scared to give his real name. He learns more and more about Hendricks School and he learns that the semester tests are coming up and he is not ready and the marks will be sent to his fake parents. Then later he wakes up and Jason was gone and he hears them in another room and Jason was in the there talking to the population police and Jason hits Luke with a book then the police come in Mr. Tabot works for them to and lyies about what happen and Luke is given the choice to leave or to stay.

Matthew, age 13, Sherwood Branch

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