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Bad Girl Days by Lissa Halls Johnson

Brio girls books are stories of Christian girls who struggle with there faith. In this particular book Jacie has been asked to make a speech for graduation. her friends Hannah, Becca, Solana and Tyler are all happy for her because it is a great honor but she is worried. As she worries about that she also starts teaching an art class and in the misted of that she questions her faith. “How can God care about her, she thinks, if he took her friends aunts life and baby? So she buries herself in work and fun, such as going to prom with Tyler and her friend and volunteering trying to run or not see the answers.she can't even draw because her drawing are of how she actually feels not what she is pretending. Tyler finally gets her to see and realize how wrong she is. That God loves her and lets us make our own decisions for better or for worse not what she was thinking.

Alyssa, age 14, Lynden Branch

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