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Hush: An Irish Princess Tale by Donna Jo Napoli

The inside cover of this novel says "12 and up" but I would not recommend it to anyone who is uneasy with reading about blood as near the beginning, the younger brother of Melkorka the Irish Princess from Downpatrick, has his hand chopped off. The story was easy to read and it was not confusing or boring! As the story continues, her younger brother is now considered "disfigured" and he is unable to become the future king. This responsibility is given to Melkorka. There is a threat of Vikings who may kidnap her, so her father the king sends both Melkorka and her younger sister else where but they do not end up in the right place! They are taken and are now among other prisoners. The title "Hush" comes from how they do not announce to anyone that they are princesses but try to blend in with the others. This story did not seem long and was actually really good despite the beginning, which I didn't find too pleasant.

Julianna, age 16, Kenilworth Branch



lovyoungstar said...

i have read the book and i agree that book is amazing such details such reality in every word if u could find another book by Donna Jo Napoli 4 me 2 read i would read it in a heart beat

Jen said...

Donna Jo Napoli also has a great book called Bound that you may be interested in.