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Inkheart by Cornelia Funke

This book is about Meggie, whos father has a gift of reading characters out of books when he reads aloud. When Meggie was small, he read an evil ruler, Capricorn 2 of his men and Dustfinger a minor fire player out of the book ok Inkheart consequently putting his wife, Meggie's mom, into the book Inkheart. Years past, but no matter how much Mo tried, he couldn't bring his wife out of the book. When Meggie turns 10, Dustfinger returns to Mo and asks him to return him back to Inkworld. But Mo says its impossible. Capricorn tells Dustfinger if he brings Mo and the last book of Inkheart to him or atleast help them out in catching him, he will put Dustfinger back into the Inkworld. So Dustfinger falsely leads Mo and Meggie to the South where Mo's wife's aunt lives. Dustfinger, Mo and Meggie stay their for a while and Dustfinger prior to leaving tells Meggie about Capricorn. One night Capricorn's men take Mo and the book. Meggie makes her aunt and Dustfinger go after them to find Capricorn. Meggie realizes that Mo took teh wrong book with him, so she brings along the real book aftter him. Capricorn's men take the book from Meggie when the 3 arrive looking for Mo. Meggie and her great-aunt get's tossed in the same jail cell as Mo. Mo tells her the whole story of how her mom Teresa disappeared. And why he never reads aloud to her. Dustfinger finds out that Capricorn lied. he wasn't ever going to send him back into the book. Dustfinger helps Mo and Meggie and their aunt escape. They go look for the author of Inkheart. Fenoglio and convince him his characters are actually alive in this world. Meggie takes him to see them. Capricorn imprisons Meggie and Fenoglio as well. Then Meggie find she can also read characters out of a book. Meggie and Fenoglio make up a plan to change the ending of the story so an evil charcter "The Shadow" will come out from the book and destroy Capricorn. And thats exactly what happened. Meggie found her mother. Another man who was reading out of Inkheart to Capricorn actually brought out Teresa, Meggie's mom, however he hadn't done it successfully. Terresa's voice was still trapped in the book. They escaped from Capricorn's layer. Mo, Meggie and Teresa lived happily at Elinor's (Meggies great aunt)'s house.

Wardah, age 15, Terryberry Branch

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