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Whitney by Jade Parker

k so this book is bout this girl whitney, whose totally rich.whiney's dad want her to work at this water park that he owns, and it obviously not for whiney to earn her own money but its because he wants her to actually be like a tennage girl and not get everything so easily in life with out working for it.Whitney is pretty upset about this,she's so used to getting everything without bothering to do ANYTHING.So when these two other girls her age, Robyn and Caitlin, who also work at the park be real nice to her she doesnt be as nice back.There's this real cute guy who Whitney likes at the water park too, and he seems to be following her and seems interested.He also tells her he liked her since he first saw her, but later on it seems to Whitney that he didnt actually like her he was pretending ...books in the series:
bk 1 : Making A Splash - Robyn
bk 2 : Making A Splash - Caitlin
bk 3 : Making A Splash - Whitney

Mariyam, age 12, Red Hill Branch

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