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City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau

I found that the City of Ember was a very interesting and amazing book. Jeanne DuPrau found a way to grab the audience and make them feel as if the were on the journey trying to discover the new world. It is about a girl named Lina Mayfleet and her Friend Doon Harrow. When Lina's Grandmother is searching through their closet one day she finds an old box with a note inside. Without knowing what it was, she pushed it to the side for Poppy, Lina's younger sister to destroy. After weeks of trying to discover the message, Lina realizes that it is the directions to get back above ground and leave Ember. As the two friends try to escape they find some interesting things like the mayor living in the supply closet, eating everyones food. When LIna and Doon report that to security they find themselves WANTED for telling lies about the mayor (even though it is all true.) Now they have to escape from Ember and make sure that they stay out of the gu ards reach. At the end of the book, Lina, Doon and Poppy find the new world but they can not stop wondering if anyone else will find the escape route or if they will be living alone forever. I really enjoyed reading this novel and I found that once I picked it up i had a very hard time putting it down. I hope to read the sequels to the City of Ember very soon and I hope I will enjloy them as much as I enjoyed this.

Daniela, age 12, Ancaster

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