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Skinned by Robin Wasserman

I've never been into sci-fi books but when reading the flap for Skinned by Robin Wasserman I knew I had to read this book!

Set sometime in the future, Lia Kahn a popular, beautiful, and rich girl dies tragically in a car accident. Only she isn't quite dead. After a huge medical procedure that consisted of slicing up Lia's brain, Lia Kahn has been downloaded into a new body. The body is robotic, her mind a downloaded slice of her brain which contain her memories. She no longer looks or feels like herself but Lia still tells everyone she is the same girl she always was. Lia's friends, family and sister abandon her, only seeing the robot and seeing there friend, daughter, sister dead and a robot pretending to be her leaving Lia helpless and depressed. Searching for acceptance.

Skinned brings many different questions! Through flashes in the first chapter we see Lia, hurt and dying then as a robot. One of the most interesting things is the question is was Lia actually saved, her self, her soul actually downloaded into a robot or is Lia (as a robot) a machine, not really her but downloaded to think she is.

I recommend this book to anyone who likes deep novels and sci-fi. Read the rest of the series it rocks!

Sarah, age 16, Bookmobile site

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