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Cliquetionary by Lisi Harrison

The Cliquetionary isn't an actual book, it's more of a reference book of the Clique series. In this book it gives you personality quizzes to find out which Clique girl you are. It also has the main characters pages that describe themselves. Some other things that this book has are some of the best quotes form the entire series, all coming from different people. There's also a "Heart Chart" that shows all of the different relationships from the main characters in the book. There's also some poems, but not very many. The book also gives some makeup tips, like what to wear in what time of year and what not to wear. One of my favorite parts is the master packing list for when you go on vacation. I liked that part because I am very organized and I like making sure that I have all of my "essentials" when I go on vacation. But even though I like that part, my absolute favorite parts is the famous comebacks from the series and the actual "Cliquetionar y". The comebacks are when say, Massie would say to Claire, "Claire, are you a midget?" and Claire would reply "No" and Massie would say, "Then get over him!" as telling Claire to get over a guy she likes. The "Cliquetionary" is the part in the book when it tells all the definitions of some of the made up words or abbreviations from the girls in the book. The last part is some of the titles that Lisi Harrison ( the author ) was going to use but they weren't good enough to be a title. This book is the Cliquetionary and I would recommend it to anyone that is a fan of "The Clique" series.

~ Emma, Sherwood

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