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Dust City by Robert Paul Weston

It’s all about fairydust or some knockoff of it since the fairies disappeared, in this mixed up story of fairy tales and other parts entwined together. It includes elements from little red riding hood, jack and the bean stock, the frog prince, and Rumpelstitlskin, revolving around the character of Henry whelp, the son of the big bad wolf from little red riding hood. I really liked how it had all the animals evolved into more human-like figures with opposable thumbs and being able to stand and talk like us. It had all the magic you could hope for along with great adventure as the dust shows the path of the characters’ destinies.

~ Dana N, Carlisle


Anonymous said...

just a note I made a mistake and it should be rumplestiltskin instead of King Midas.


Kat said...

Thanks! I've updated it.