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Matched by Ally Condie

In Cassia's world (the future) the Society decides everything for her. What she will eat, what she will drink, when she will die and who she will marry. At her Matched Ceremony she is chosen to marry her best friend Xander, nothing more could be perfect. But when she goes home to learn more about Xander from a microchip, a different boys face pops up. One she has also known her whole life. This mistake causes Cassia to start questioning the world she lives in, to find out more about herself and discover the world of the past that is long forgotten.

Matched is a story with a very interesting idea but in the end is disappointing. I found Matched to be very similar in some ways to the story 1984 by George Orwell and was very upset to find the similarities. Dystopian novels are very difficult to write, I understand that. Trying to think of a new, creative way the future may turn out. But copying another author is not how you write a novel, you can use them for inspiration but you must make your own ideas.

The book was not terrible. Matched is a very interesting idea for the story, I just wish it was original.

~ Sarah O., Bookmobile

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