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Nevermore by Kelly Creagh

It's about a cheerleader -Isobel Lanley- who has it all, but when she gets paired with Varen Nethers she is completely horrified. Once she starts noticing his strange writing Isobel starts giving him another look. Soon she finds herself making excuses just to go and see Varen and starts pulling away from her other friends and her boyfriend. Isobel finds herself venturing farther and farther into the dream world Varen has created on the pages of his notebook. Isobel finds out sooner than later that dreams can be very powerful, and she finds herself trying to find a way to save Varen before he is consumed by the shadows of his own nightmares.

Nevermore is a good book, it may take a little to get into it, but overall it was a really good book.

~ Krystal C, Terryberry

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