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Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

I saw that this book was one of the teen reads for the summer, so I picked it up. The general idea of the book sounded good, but I didn't expect much. I ended up finishig this book in a day. I LOVED it. It's the prequel to the Mortal Insteuments series, so now I want to read those! The story gets your attention form the beginning. I loved how Tessa was such a strong independant charchetr, yet Will was always saving her from the dangers of Downworlders. The love triangle was really good too, and the fact that Tessa can change into sombody else was also so cool. the book was a bit confusing at parts, and some minor plotlines were confusing. Ther fact that the book is set in a different century is really cool, because it gives you a new perspective. the end left me a bit confused; the conversation between Tessa and Will. But it left be hooked for more. Will Tessa and Will get together or will it be Jem? I'm SO glad I ended reading this book!!

~ Kirsten F, Valley Park

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