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Room by Emma Donoghue

This book was like nothing I have ever read before and probably never will. It was a sad, heartfelt, heroic tale of a young mother and her 5 year-old son, who are held captive in 'Room'. When she was only 19, Jack's mother (though not at the time) was kidnapped by Old Nick. She was then forced to live in a small room, which used to be a tool shed. After her first baby died, she has Jack. They live together in Room until Jack escapes and saves his mother. They, especially Jack must get used to the outside after living in Room for all those years. This story is told by Jack and how he sees everything. Jack, since he is only 5 sees everything differently, and puts it into an almost funny and light perspective, even though he and his mother's sitaution is anything but. I really enjoyed this book. It was shockingly real. Somehow the author has made this book beautiful and horrifying at the same. I especially loved how it was told through young Jack 's eyes. A great read. I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone!

~ Alainna C, Ancaster

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