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Wake by Lisa McMann

During this book I thought of who I would want to be. While I was thinking about that it really helped me understand what some of the characters are going through. I would like to be Janie because she can into other people’s dreams if someone is dreaming close by her and she can help people fix their dreams into something happy and not scary. Some of the bad things about her ability are she can’t drive because if she does and someone is sleeping in a close to her she could fall into the dream and that could cause an accident, also sometimes the nightmares are really bad and if she falls into it there is no way to wake her up and she could hurt herself because she does not know what she is doing. Another reason I would want to be her is because she is kind and her best friend is helpful but the downside to all of this is that because of her gift she will soon be blind and her hands will not work anymore also her mom is a drunk and s he doesn’t know who her dad is because he left before she was born and he never knew that he had a kid.

~ Avani J, Stoney Creek

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