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172 Hours on the Moon by Johan Harstad

Okay, this great review has some spoilers at the end, so I've put them past the 'spoiler alert' warning. If you want to read it, don't go any further! - Kat

My first impression when seeing that a book is a translations is that it will probably not be as good as the original because some of the author's descriptions will be "lost in the translation". Usually, the sentences are very choppy. This book, however was very interesting, and i would say it should be made into a movie, but they may not do it justice and that would be just wrong. The story is about how, in the future, a corrupt NASA is sending 3 teenagers to the moon to attract publicity and gain funding for more trips. What they do not tell the world is that there has been strange creatures called doppelgänger discovered on the moon, who kill human and mimic their appearances exactly until they can kill more humans. The whole history of moon space is a lie. The story begins telling how the three teenagers, Antoine, Mia and Midori are the reluctant winners of the lottery, telling their stories and why they finally agree to come on the moon mission. They are then each creepily warned not to go.
[spoiler alert!!]
The do not listen and not far into the mission, the equipment is failing and they try desperately to save themselves and each end up dying. The end is really like a thriller,and you literally fly through the pages. All your fears- abandonment, claustrophobia, fear of monsters, fear of the unknown, fear of death, are all crammed into this book. It may not seem creepy or real here, but it is very creepy in the book, especially because the victims are killed by mean versions of themselves. In the ending, the doppelgänger come to earth and the doppelgänger of the teenager Mia, who went to the moon, kills her own family and starts the apocalypse.

Rating: Awesome

- Yvette, Barton

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