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Hooked by Catherine Greenman

This book was about a teenage girl (16-18 while the book went on) , Thea, who ends up getting pregnant with her boyfriend, Will. But during all of this she gets hooked on crochetting. She starts crochetting bikinis which ends up being sold for $300 a peice. When baby Ian is born, there is an accident and Will decides it would be best to put him up for adoption. Knowing this is never going to happen, Thea packs up to move in with her father to take care of Ian. Everything works out well in the end, Ian is not impacted by the accident, Thea and Will are on speaking terms, Thea's father is involved with raising Ian, and now Thea has a source of income with her Crochet Bikini business. This book is a quick read and overall an enjoyable book. Something good to just sit around read while you're at a cottage or something.

Rating: Okay

- Cassidy, Red Hill

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