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The Ersatz Elevator by Lemony Snicket

In this book, the Baudelaire orphans were sent to the Squalors, for protection, by Mr. Poe, because(obviously) he can't provide enough care for them. While they were in the apartment, they were told to climb the stairs as the elevator is out of service. After the orphans climbed a 66-storied apartment(that time they lost their count) and reached the Squalors' penthouse, the couple saw them exhausted and Esme fed them with aquatic martinis, which they're not alcoholic.

Whenever Esme talks about stylish stuff, she uses the word "In", while for outdated stuff "Out".One day, the orphans and Jerome went out for dinner and suddenly saw an auctioneer named Gunther, which is disguised by Olaf (the Baudelaires knows that) and he disguises the way he speaks by using the word "please" in the wrong.
Next day, the orphans decided to go into the elevator, which they discovered a missing elevator shaft, and they had to go down, using Violet's invention, which took 3 hours, and discovered the Quagmires (Duncan & Isador) in the cage. while the tried to escape the Quagmires out of it, Count Olaf found them out, snatched them and escaped out. After they came up they told Esme about what they discovered about Olaf (can't write anymore)

Rating: Awesome

- Rahma, Barton

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