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Lovely Complex by Aya Nakahara

This manga (japenese comic book) is about 2 highschool students Risa who is 5.8 and taller than most girls and Otani who is 5.2 who is shorter than most guys. Risa swore to never fall in love with a guy shorter than her to avoid heartbreat and the same for Otani but instead shorter, no one taller than him. The funny thing is, is that they end up falling for each other. This book is about their day to day lives as they both stuggule to get over they height complex and love who they love. It is an extremely funny book, everyone will who likes a good laugh will love it. I was laughing throughout the enitre book, and it's approprate for all ages as long as you can read.

 Rating: Awesome

- Aman, Stoney Creek

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