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Steel by Carrie Vaughn

In summary STEEL is about a girl named Jill who is really into fencing, during a competion she lands fourth place and is disapointed with her self because she can no longer go to nationals. What disapointed her most was that it was a mere 3 second difference. Her family takes a trip to a Caribbean beach where Jill can not forget her compition. On the beach she finds the tip of a sword, falls off a boat and is trasported over 100 years back in time to the time of pirates. Once there Jill is lost and confused, left with no choice to sign up on Majory Coopers pirate ship. From there, her adventures begin. From scubbing the deck to fighting pirates and rescuing slaves, this novel is jampacked with action that will have you sitting on edge. Not to mention a bit of a romantic touch just to make things interesting.

Rating: Awesome

- Aman, Stoney Creek

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