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Aurelia by Ann Osterlund

Aurelia is the title and also the name of the main character. Aurelia is the princess of Tyralt. Her father the King told Aurelia that her mother abandoned them years ago. After that happened, the King married Elise and adopted her daughter, Melody as his own. Aurelia's life becomes threatened and the King's royal spy is asked to come back to the kingdom and investigate who is trying to assassinate Aurelia. The royal spy, Brian who has a wife and a son Aurelia's age, wants to live in peace with his family out on the frontier and had already decided to give up his role. Brian's son, Robert decides he will take his father's place as Aurelia was a close childhood friend. Aurelia has no clue why Robert is back and he tries to find out who would want to hurt Aurelia. The story is very exciting and has many surprises along the way. It was very good to read and the ending was perfect! This is a book I would read again.

Julianna, age 16, Kenilworth

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