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Two Way Street by Lauren Barnholdt

18 year old Courtney has to face the worst trip of her life.... a road trip to collage with her ex-boyfriend Jordan. The trip might have been fun a month ago when the two where still going out but know that Jordan dumped Courtney for a girl he met via myspace all Courtney can think about is how dreadful the next three days are going to be. What Courtney doesn't know is that Jordan made up the girl he met on myspace and the only reason he broke up with Courtney was becasue Courtneys dad was cheating on her mom with Jordans mom. So in an attempt to protect Courtney from the truth he decided to break up with her, even though he loved her. In the end of the book Courtney figures out the truth and learns to forgive Jordan for not telling her what was going on. The two end up getting back together which i thought was great since there such a cute couple. I loved the complex love trinagles that where thrown all over this book. It made the read much more unpredicatable!

Livleen, age 14, Stoney Creek Branch

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