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The Host by Stephanie Meyer

The Host by Stephanie Meyer is a book you'll never expect. Personally this is one of my all-time favourite books I have ever read.In this world, Earth has been invaded by aliens who have taken over our bodies, but erasing the spirit. Melanie and her younger brother, who might still be the only humans left, are forced to hide out and steal goods to survive. But when Melanie is caught, her body was taken over by an alien named Wanda. But Melanie refuses to fade away. Her thoughts, and memories lurk in Wanda's mind to try to find her little brother. Will Wanda and Melanie survive the adventure? Or will their hate for eachother destroy everything? And how will Melanie's friends, family, and love deal with Melanie's body is taken over by their enemy? This book will keep on holding your attention until the very end, and you'll keep on reading to see what's next. Sure this may not have a perfect Edward....but it's filled with truth, trust, adventure, and love.

Marlena, age 13, Terryberry Branch

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