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Prom by Laurie Halse Anderson

I like when they had found out that it was the teacher that had stole the prom money and they where like oh i thought it was someone that had came into the school for a suplie teacher and then they all were like oh my god i cant belive that it was our english tecaher then Amy had fell and broke her leg and she was like oh i just can't stay home from my prom because i am in a wheelchair. so they all went and looked for a dress that didn't look crazy with her in the wheelchair every dress that she had tried on it was to puffy for her and then they found a beautiful red saprkly dress that was long and then she had put it on and she said this is the one because it had covered her cast and then she had a pair of red heels that she had put one on because that is all she could wear and she looked beautiful. Then she had went to the hospitale to get her cast changed and she had got a red one to go with her dress.

Alyson, age 15, Saltfleet Branch

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