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The Importance of Being Married

The story is about Jessica who's grandmother raised her since she was very young. Jessica is older now and works for an advertising firm. Her grandmother was in a retirement home and while visiting her grandmother, Jessica met Grace, a really lovely lady who is the total opposite of her own grandmother. They become friends and especially close after her own grandmother passes away. After awhile of visiting, Grace questions Jessica about being married and if she is meeting anyone, Jessica lies to Grace to keep her happy by saying she is getting married to her boss! Grace also makes Jessica promise that she will take care of everything for her, Jessica is confused, she doesn't know what is it that Grace wants her to take care of but soon Grace passes away and Jessica, having no clue, is told that Grace has a will stating that everything is to be given to Jessica. Jessica assumes it will just be a few books Grace had kept in her room at the retir ement home but she learns that it is $4 million dollars and a huge home in the country! The only problem is that the will had Jessica's fake married name, so she is now on a mission named "Project Married" with her friend to marry her boss in order for the will to work! The only catch is the will is only available for 50 days and if unclaimed after that period of time, the will becomes void! This story is overall really hilarious but some conversations felt dull. Jessica marrying for money and will she marry her boss and take care of the home Grace asked like promised or forfeit everything that Grace made her promise because of her beliefs about marriage? The ending seemed like it would be very predictable but it wasn't! The major twist at the end was the best part of the novel and the story definitely ended amazingly. Another really fun "chick-lit" that was easy and perfect to read during the summer.

Julianna, age 16, Kenilworth Branch

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