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Impulse by Ellen Hopkins

Impulse, is a novel that tells the twisted tale of 3 suicidal teens. Ellen Hopkins is very well in touch with her dark side. She writes about the life and journey that 3 completely different types of regular teens struggle through horrid childhoods, the stress of being a teenager, raging hormones, and parents who don't know when to stop pushing. Ellen Hopkins touched on the different ways a human being is fragile, how different things affect children, like a mother who is suppose to be the person to love you most but makes a young girl begin to cut herself for escape, because of her mother's schizophrenia or a multiple personality disorder gone unmedicated. Ellen Hopkins wrote about the hormones that drive teenagers crazy, and the love of student to teacher, revealed. The torment and suffocation that drove Connor a regular jock over the edge to kill himself, literally point a gun to his heart and pull the trigger. Sexuality - Ellen was unafrai d to touch down on the sexuality of Tony, who like some was sexually abused as a child by his mother's boyfriend. Ellen further continued and let Tony take out his rage by murdering the man who took his innocents, Tony from then on believed he was gay as some teenagers are confused about sexuality as well. He dealt using pills. Each tale told wound the 3 teens into a psychiatric hospital where they all met and their stories revealed. Ellen held no problem with flow and connections to make you think. She made you compare your problems to others and the ways you deal. Ellen continued to rock the boat during the book, she made you friends with the characters, help diagnose problems and become joyous when the teenagers succeeded. Although Ellen ended the life of one Connor who could not take the stress and pain from the memories of his Emily, a teacher and the constant battle from his family who bleakly compare him to perfection. Ellen told the story behind the eyes of a real su icide, the pain, regret, and the love of friends help to guide you in a different direction. To all who sometimes feel the need to deal, I recommend this; it's just a story to relate to. Any Ellen Hopkins books will touch your heart and change your views. This is defiantly one author that will always surprise you.

Ashley, age 14 Valley Park Branch

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