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Necropolis by Anthony Horowitz

Other Horowitz fans might be interested in reading this series. (The Gate Keepers) and I was once one of you. This series was gripping, thrilling and very much addictive. Absolutely stunning writing and the unique plot had me glued to every page. Up until the very last page I was prepared to give this book an outstanding review. And then the last two pages. The ending had me stunned. IT WAS AWFUL! I have never read a worse ending ever! Plus the fact that I the rest of the book was amazing up to that point just made it more disappointing. I won't say what happened in case other people are reading this book. The book begins with Scarlet, a new character, growing up. She is unaware that she is one of the five. Matt and the others realize that the need to find her before the old ones do but they are unsuccessful. She becomes trapped in Hong Kong which is now being called, by those in the know Necropolis or the City of the Dead because of the ev il that now infests it. They have to save her even if it means getting the triads involved. Very exciting.

Abi, age 15, Concession Branch

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Anonymous said...

Okay, when I wrote this I didn't know there was another book coming out. Wikipedia lied! So because there will be a fifth book I change my opinion. This was a very good cliff hanger ending and I cannot wait for the next in the series.