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The Secret Life of a Teenage Siren by

Ummm it was pretty good cuz it comes from a teenager's perspective, so the author used some cool words that a real teenager would use so that was good. It also had some swearing in it so that was pretty cool too. The book it about this geeky girl (Roxy) and when she turns 16 her grandmother tells her that she's a Siren. The grandmother told her that a Siren is somebody when they are 16 turn into a Siren so they are beautiful and they have their own special powers and her's was singing in the flute. If she ever wanted any men (not gay men) to do anything for her she would just have to sing in the flute. Roxy has this crush and the popular crowd lets her in and her and her crush (Zach) start dating. Soon her other friends are pissed at her and Roxy trys to make things better. After her and Zach break up Roxy and her friend Alex start dating so a Siren can't fall in love and she does with Alex. It says in the Siren Handook that if a Siren falls i n love, the person she falls in love with will dye.

Ravneet, age 12, Saltfleet Branch

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