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Another Faust by Daniel Nayeri

Another Faust is a creepy, debut novel with an amazing plot that I have never heard of in a YA novel: Selling your soul.

Valentin, Christian, Belle, Bice and Victoria all disappear on the same night and their family's have no memory of ever having them. Madame Vileroy takes these five kids and gives them wonderful, amazing gifts in exchange for their soul. Valentin wishes to be a great poet like his parents, Christian wishes to be a top athlete like his childhood hero, Victoria yearns to get on top as student president (working to be president someday, Belle wishes to be beautiful so she can look different and be recognized as a different person instead of being recognized and compared to her identical twin sister Bice, Bice is a quiet girl who doesn't want any part in Madame Vileroy's evil deeds but Vileroy still hoping for Bice to give in gives her a gift like the rest of her children, hoping to corrupt her.

Another Faust is an amazing book! It is beyond words, I love how the characters each develop, the description used and the overall style of the book. I know when I read Another Faust I was hooked from the start. This is an amazing book that I recommend to anyone who wants to try reading a different plot or genre for a story.

Sarah, 16, Bookmobile site

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