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Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

I was first introduced to the "Hunger Games" and "Catching Fire," by Suzanne Collins, a little under a year ago. The minute I started reading this series, I fell in love with it. It gives me such a rush to read these books! I recently reread the books in anticipation for the final book of this trilogy ("Mockingjay" being released on August 24th!!!), and I was not expecting to feel the same rush I felt the first time around, however, I was happily surprised. Not only was I still on edge while reading, but despite that I was already familiar with the plot, I was still unable to put the book down. This often resulted in my staying up til 3 or 4am frequently and cursing the morning, but it was well worth it.

Not only was it the extraordinarily creative storyline that is intensely enjoyable regarding this book, but also the way in which the book is written. I find that Suzanne Collins uses intriguing vocabulary that brings great interest in her words. However, her sentence structure is also somethign to be appreciated. She writes in a way in which it is nearly impossible to get bored- her sentence structure. Unlike many other authors, she writes in a variety of sentences (complex, compound and simple), which imprisons the interest of the reader. Literally, I became imprisoned! I was unable to put the book down for hours and hours at a time (as previously mentioned). She writing is inexplicably incredible.

This woman is a genius! If you had not yet read this book, it should be next on your list! :D

Amanda, age 18, Terryberry

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