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Crunch Time by Mariah Fredericks

SATS are coming up and a group of teenagers, Daisey, Leo, Max and Jane decide to make a study group. All of them face challenges. Once the word is out that someone was paid to do the SATS for someone else, everyone thought that it was someone in the study group. Max couldn't afford to do that because his dad was on his tail. Some people thought it was Leo because he can't stand to do bad. Daisey has to get a good SATS mark or else she won't be able to schoalorships and couldn't afford college. Jane couldn't care less about the SATS because she had all the money she wants from her famous mother. The study group accuses each other and nobody knows who it is. Many assemblies are made to set the message that if the cheater doesn't bring himself/herself forward, she/ he will get bigger trouble. The pressure is on the cheater and nobody knows who the cheater is untill the cheater reveals himself/herself. It turns out that everyone was barking at the wrong tree.

Ana, age 12, Saltfleet

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What a bad review :( :P