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Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld

Leviathan takes place in an alternate world war 1 and follows Alek, an orphaned hungarian prince, and Deryn, a girl who fakes her identity in order to join the British airforce. The book describes the differences between the Darwinists, who use crossbred animals to replace machines, and the "clankers" whose armies consist of mechanized walkers and massive juggernauts.The plot is very interesting with a few unexpected twists and has a strong cast of support characters. My only complaint is that some of the Darwinist creatures would be hard to visulize were the fabulous pictures not there. I think that I could recommend this book to almost anyone and they'd enjoy it, but readers who have some knowledge of world war 1 will enjoy it the most. Rating: 5/5
Tyler, age 14, Kennilworth

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