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Witch & Wizard by James Patterson

Accused of being witches and Wizards, Wit and Wisty are thrown into some sort of prison until their trial with the One Who Judges. Their community is being ruled by a party whose leader the One Who Is The One. Locked in prison Wit and Wisty soon learn that they have some special powers within themselves and that they both are indeed witches and wizards. Meanwhile, Wit, who is about to be 18, is having visits from his long lost girlfriend Celia in his dreams. Whisty is discovering that the drumstick that their parents gave her is actually magical. When Celia meets Whit and Whisty for real, she helps them escape. Then it's out of the frying pan into the fire. They now have to go and survive this sprit world and even then, they have to go back to rescue their parents, not get caught, and avoid excution. Armed with humor, suspence, and mysteries, Witch and Wizard is a great read!
Dhruv, 13, Valley Park

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