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Willow by Julia Hoban

I thought that this author did an amazing job of portraying the pain that someone feels when they lose someone that they love. It also shows how a traumatic event can affect people differently. Willow chooses to cut herself because she can't handle the emotional pain of the accident. Her brother David, however, cries at night and avoids what happened completely. He can't deal with it anymore because he already is hurting so much from just avoiding it that he wouldn't be able to handle trying to talk to someone about it.

Willow and David are opposite in that way. But then Guy comes. And he makes Willow feel all that she has kept hidden in her scars for the past seven months. And even though she cannot bring her parents back, cannot erase that night, she CAN choose to move forward and be happy with her new life. It's still, and always will be a struggle, but with her brother and Guy beside her, Willow can take those first steps and this time, she won't be alone.

Nichole, age 14, Sherwood

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