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Witch & Wizard by James Patterson

This is the story of brother and sister, Whit and Wisty, who in a politically insane world are accused of being a witch and wizard and sentenced to death. Armed with nothing but a drumstick and blank journal they have to fight for their lives and to better understand who they are and what is happening.

Overall I thought this was a pretty good novel. The story was interesting enough to have me read it in one sitting. But, there were a few things that I strongly disliked about this book. Firstly the story may have been unique, but parts of it seemed like they were taken from other stories, Harry Potter, 1984 and the movie Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang. I thought that the fact that these two children didn't know that they were witch and wizard was alot like Harry Potter. They had to discover their powers, then they learned that they were part of some prophecy that ment they were the ones who would save everyone, sound familiar? The part about The One Who Is the One sounded alot like the book 1984. His posters were everywhere and that he sees all and hears all. Also he was the head of a new political party that wanted to change how everything was run, just like Big Brother. Chitty-chitty-Bang-Bang played a small part in the novel. it was similiar because it was the kids that would ap parently take down the adlts and make the world better again, same as the movie.

Other then some aspects that I think *cough* may have been borrowed *cough* from other stories, it was overal a pretty good book. Oh, and couldn't they have thoguht of a better name for the 'bad guy'? The one Who Is The One, not the best bad guy name out there.

Clarissa, age 16, Terryberry

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