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Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld

This book was simply phenominal. There were amazing illustrations and the plot was also very good. The concept of the book was very creative and I definitely enjoyed the book. This book takes place in an alternate world war 1 where there are sophisticated machines able to move and fire guns and cannons. These people are so called 'Clankers'. They are against 'Darwinists'. These people can wield different animals into one using DNA. One of the largest of these animals is a giant ship that can fly. This ship is called the Leviathan. Now, the story revolves around two charecters, Alek and Deryn. Alek's father has been murdered and he now has to survive inside a giant walking tank with his most trusted mentors. Bit by bit he has to survive to Switzerland and once he reaches there, he is faced with more trouble. Deryn is a girl who wants to join the Britsh Air Service but can't because of her gender. She lies her way on and joins the crew of the le viathan. She is also faced with a lot of trouble and when a german attack sends them spiraling down, Alek is close by. The two meet and become good friends. Even then they are faced with hardships. This book is awesome and I would recommend it to everyone.

Dhruv, age 13, Valley Park

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