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Need by Carrie Jones

I am writing to you about the book Need by Carrie Jones. I like this book because it is a supernatural thriller and I love supernatural books. The characters are interesting, the book has suspense, and the details are amazing. Another reason I have chosen to read this book is because my friend recommended it and it is part of a trilogy. The reviews for this book made me interested in it because one of the reviews said that if Stephan King and Stephanie Meyer were to co-author a book they would come up with need. That made me want to read it more because Stephanie Meyer is my favourite author and Stephan King writes great books.
This book is about.... Zara has been shipped off to Maine to stay with her Step- Grandma Betty during winter. According to her mother Zara hasn’t been herself since her step-dad died. Before Zara has a chance to snap out of depression her attention is drawn elsewhere by a mystery surrounding a local boy’s disappearance. She knew Maine would be a challenge, but she didn’t know she would be running for her life... from evil pixies.
When the pixie element is added the book becomes more exciting and fast paced. When the pixies are introduced I found that I couldn’t put the book done until it finished because at the end of a chapter I always wanted to know what would happen next. Even if the pixies were not introduced in the beginning the book held my attention the whole time until the very end of the book.

~ Avani J, Stoney Creek

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