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The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson

This book was really amazing. I had different emotions through out the entire book: sadness, anger, joy, and finally, love. I really did learn to love this book. It was so realistic and heartbreaking, that i just couldnt put it down. Lennie was still heartbroken after the death of her sister, Bailey, and she though that she was nothing without her. Then came along Bailey's boyfriend,Toby, who was also as broken as she was, and so thats when things got messy. Their pain was the same so they both tried to run away from it. Apart from this, Lennie was taking music classes, and thats where she met Joe, who was totally and unbelievably adorable, not to mention absolutely gorgeous! *sigh* Anyhoo, things took a sweet turn from there. But of course they had some problems. Still, i adored this ended just like i wanted it too. I don't really want to spoil it so i'll just say this: You mustmustmust read this AH-MAZING book, it wa s just so sweet. It's like one of those books you just totally love, that there are NO words to describe it, beyond awesome!

~ Hamna M, Red Hill

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