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Across the Universe by Beth Revis

This is my favourite book I've read all summer (so far)! It was about a spaceship that was sent out in search of a new planet, Centauri-Earth, for humans and animals to prosper on. Godspeed is full of people that are all monoethnic. It is divided into three levels - the Keeper Level (for the leader and the successor), the Shipper level (for the engineers and scientists and the engine), and the Feeder Level (for the general population) - and has been operating flawlessly for the past few generations.
Elder, a sixteen-year-old boy, is destined to be the ships new leader as he is the oldest of his generation. The ship's current leader, Eldest, is doing extra work by leading the ship's people and teaching Elder his duties. This happened because the Eldest who should be ruling now mysteriously died years before Elder was born. Elder has always been a free-thinker and does not agree with a lot of Eldest's methods.
Seventeen-year-old Amy is a passenger on the ship along with her parents. But they are frozen cargo below the feet of the 3,000 residents of Godspeed.
One day, when Elder accidentally learns about this fourth level - the Cryo Level - he becomes overwhelmingly curious to find out what's there and sneaks in to take a peak. He discovers Amy's chamber and is intrigued by her fire-red hair and pale skin. Later that day, Amy's chamber is opened in an attempt to murder her but she is found in time and survives. With Amy's knowledge of Sol-Earth (where we live) and her strong opinions, she and Elder discover the hidden secrets of the ship and all the lies Elder was taught to believe.
Also, Elder and Amy start to fall in love since they are the only two people on the ship their age.
Like I said, this book was amazing!! It was full of action, suspense and unexpected twists. It is a great read for anyone who loves sci-fi and mystery. It is quite long and I actually stayed up all night to read it. I couldn't put it down!!

~ Katy M, Saltfleet

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