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Cinder by Marissa Meyer

This book is about a sixteen year-old girl named Cinder. Cinder has a stepmother and two stepsisters, one of which is her best friend. Cinder is not a normal teenage girl, she is a cyborg. If that didn't already make her unwanted and an outcast, Cinder discovers something else that makes her more of an outcast than she already is, and puts her life at risk. In this book Cinder experiences many challenges and difficulties such as her stepsister contracting the deadly plague that is destroying Earth, trying not to reveal she is a cyborg to Prince Kai, and dealing with a huge secret that turns her whole life upside down. Cinder is a futuristic version of the story of Cinderella. I did not get a strong Cinderella feeling but I did see some charcteristics in this book that followed the original story. I really enjoyed Cinder's character. I felt she was a strong female character. I loved the plot of this book, the characters, and how the s tory developed. I highly recommend this book and cannot wait till the second book in the series is released.

Rating: Awesome

- Alainna, Terryberry

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