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My Soul to Take by Rachel Vincent

In summary this book is about a girl named Kaylee who is living with her Aunt and Uncle because her mother is dead and her father is somewhere else. She goes through high school unaware her true heritage until her "panic attacks" get worse. Her Aunt already put her in a hospital before and if wasn't about to happen again. With the help of her new found boyfriend she discovers she is acualy a banshee and so is her boyfriend. She is ectatic to learn that she isn't crazy which was her first conclusion/ reason for the "panic attacks" But then students start droping dead for no reason and she's the only one who knows why. With the help of her Uncle, father, boyfriend, and her boyfriends brother they solve to case and put an end to who started it. This book is suspence filled and full of a romance that will get your heart beating.

Rating: Awesome

- Aman, Stoney Creek

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