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Life of Pi by Yann Martel

The story is about a young boy in India whose name is Pi. Pi's dad works at a Zoo and takes care of animals. Pi loves animals except the tiger, which his dad has told him to beware of. Unfortunetly, due to the government's roles, Pi's family escapes India and go on a ship to Canada.Pi's dad and mom as well as his uncle board the ship with most of their animals from the zoo. On the trip the ship sinks, causing Pi's parents and uncle to pass away on it. The only survivors are a hyena, and a tiger. Due to the hugerness throughout the journey on the lifeboat, the tiger eats the rest of the animals. Causing it to be just the tiger and Pi left. The book is all about the Tiger( who is later named by Pi as Richard Parker) and Pi. How they overcame their fear of each other, and how they worked as a team which leads them to survival. It is a great book about friendship and how the power of friendship can change your life when you least expect it to.
I thought the book was very interesting. The book brings up the idea that the truth isn't always what happened. Everyone makes their own version of what happened to Pi. This creates confusion, and prevents Pi's version to be known.

Rating: Okay

- Naomi, Dundas

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