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Distant Waves: a novel of the Titanic by Suzanne Weyn

I really enjoyed this novel. I loved how it contained the story of Titanic and embodied it into this fascinating tale of love, history and others.The plot was very riveting. It drew the reader (me!) in immediately. I loved how Suzanne managed to include facts with fiction and spun it so it seemed positively awesome. Things like Telsa and other famous people were actually real (uhh, yea, I'm bad at history. Don't shoot me!) and so it was kind of like learning more about our American history while reading a book of fiction.The characters were wonderful. Very descriptive and I loved their personalities. I loved how Suzanne seemed to describe the sisters fully because you know, there are some authors out there who doesn't describe their characters well so throughout the entire book, you're trying to imagine a clear image of the characters. Suzanne did an awesome job in describing them.Jane, the perspective the book is written from, is a very interesting person. She loves Sherlock Homes which means she loves mysteries. I did too, when I was younger. It was always Encyclopedia Brown for me! :) She cares a lot about her family even though her older sister is only her half-sister, she still treats her with the same love and respect that she has for her other younger siblings.And I loved the whole flashback thing. It was like present back to childhood that progresses to the main "meat" of the story - Titanic and then it brings it back to the present. I usually don't like flashbacks but this was done in a very riveting and fulfilling way. So what's not to love?

Breanna, age 13, Concession Branch

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